Acid Tanks

Hoover provides a range of transportable horizontal and vertical acid tanksused for the safe transport and storage of a wide range of corrosive liquids, including chemicals for oil & gas and drilling processes, waste liquids and aviation fuel.

Additional linings for interior of the vessel are available to provide additional corrosion protection. The selection of the lining material is based on the acids stored in the tank. The external frame is constructed of carbon steel treated to provide corrosion resistance. Safety features include a relief valve and rupture disc on the tank container.

The acid tanks are designed and manufactured to meet DNV, EU Directive 1999/36/EC and EN 13530 standards. Frames meet DNV 27-1 standards.


Hoover Container Solutions is offering a UN31A DOT compliant stainless steel IBC with a internal roto molded polyethylene lining. This design allows shippers and/or end users to transport their packaging groups II & III hazardous materials which normally are not compatible with an all metal IBC design type. The stainless steel outer shell is the same robust Hoover IBC design that has been proven and used in the chemical and petroleum industry for many decades. The inner shell is a linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP) material that is roto molded (125mil [3.2mm] approximate thickness) to the inside the IBC. All internal wetted surfaces of the IBC will have either a polyethylene or polypropylene material finish so no product stored inside of the container will come into contact with a metal finish.The stainless steel polyethylene lined IBC comes standard with a 16” diameter top manway opening featuring a stainless steel domed/bolt down polyethylene lined cover, and a 2” polypropylene bottom outlet ball valve.

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